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Keeping your Panthers well hydrated is paramount in maintaining the health of your animals.  Your watering method can be as elaborate as an automatically timed misting system to as simple as placing a water filled deli-cup with a pin hole on top of the cage as a make shift drip system. 

Panthers only respond to dripping droplets of water and when water is collected on the surface of leaves, they well "lap" it up with the tip of their tongues.  I have used automatic misting systems, automatic drip systems, manual drip method (eg. deli-cups) and simple spray bottle method and they all work well. 

Some have advocated placing your chameleon in the shower on a plant with tepid water once per week for approximately an hour to hydrate.  I have tried this with my Panthers in the past with mixed results.  Some of the chameleons did happily drink the water but others did not appear to enjoy it and spent most of their time trying to escape the "rain."  

This practose also exposes your Chameleons to chlorinated tap water which may not be harmful but why take the chance?  I recommend using distilled water or dechlorinated filtered water for your Chameleons to hydrate.  Adults receive watering twice per day and the baby Chameleons 3 times per day.  The cage should have the chance to dry out in between mistings to prevent bacteria growth.