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Panther Chameleons (Chameleo [furcifer] Pardalis) are medium sized chameleon found on the Island of Madagascar where majority of the world's chameleon species are found. They are known for being very hardy and one of the easier species to keep successfully in captivity, thus making them ideal for first time chameleon keepers. In addition, they are arguably one of the most colorful of all chameleon species with many different color phases available (see What you should know). However, I would caution against impulse buying as there are many aspects to their care that makes them suited only for dedicated herpers. Madagascar is the 4th largest Island the world at 225,000 square miles (as large as Texas) and it encompasses many climactic variations. Along the Western coast (Nosy Be, Ambanja, etc), it may rain as much as 120 inches per year and the Eastern coast (Tamatave, Sambava, etc.) may get as little as 15 inches of rain per year. In most publications regarding the care of Panther Chameleons, they do not differentiate the particular needs between various location/color phases. Would you care for an animal such as an Ambanja, accustomed to receiving 120" of rain per year in the same way as a Sambava, accustomed to only receiving 15" of rain? Would some one living on the coast of Southern California care for his Panther in the same way as some one living on the prairies of Montana? I think not! The point I am trying to make is that there may be more than one way to care for these animals correctly. What works for one person may not work for another. What I am offering here are some very basic guidelines that has worked for me and you will need to modify them to suit your particular needs in order to adequately care for your animals. Do as much reading and research as possible to arm yourself with knowledge to make keeping this beautiful species a success.